"Alcohol policy work requires an appropriately trained workforce with a wide variety of knowledge and skills" World Health Organization 2009

The Alcohol Academy aims to promote effective alcohol harm reduction by working with and supporting local alcohol roles and commissioners.

The Academy's core work, supported by Alcohol Research UK, is to provide free seminars, networking, briefings and support for for these roles. It also aims to develop alcohol policy issues and promote evidence-based practice.

The Academy also specialises in training and development for frontline staff and practitioners. As a social enterprise we re-invest profits back into achieving these aims.

If you are an alcohol coordinator or strategic lead you can:

  • Join the Academy's email forum for Q&As, networking and discussion with other alcohol leads - send your details to forum-subscribe@alcoholacademy.net
  • Download our free briefing papers on key issues for local alcohol harm reduction
  • Visit Alcohol Policy UK to stay up to date with news and developments in the alcohol field
  • Get in touch to discuss our free seminars and other opportunities in your region such as training for frontline staff or other support

For further details see the 'What we do' page. For guidance, best-practice and other resources see the links page or visit the Department of Health's Alcohol Learning Centre.